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DT-Mobil PRO PE COMBI 850/100 Basic

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DT-Mobil PRO PE COMBI 850/100 Basic

5,075.20€ 4,719.90€ (price with VAT)
Najboljša cena v 30 dneh: 4,719.90€
DT-Mobil PRO COMBI PE Diesel tank Basic Bipump 12 V Learn more

PE versions: - with inner tank for diesel made from polyethylene* ST versions: - with inner tank for diesel made from painted 3 mm steel sheet - Approval for unlimited period of time Basic versions: see DT-Mobile PRO Premium versions: see DT-Mobile PRO Exception: Meter K 24 on model DT-Mobile PRO PE COMBI 850/100 Premium Premium Plus versions: see DT-Mobile PRO Additional tank for AdBlue®: - made from polyethylene - electric pump CENTRI SP30 - 5 m filling hose - automatic delivery nozzle Pumps: • Electric pump Bipump 12 V, 500 W, approx. 85 l/min*** • Electric pump Cematic Duo 24/12 V, 420 W, approx. 70/35 l/min*** • Electric pump Cematic 72, 230 V, 500 W, approx. 72 l/min*** • Electric pump CENTRI SP30 12 V, 220 W, approx. 25 l/min*** * See offer “PRO PE COMBI Basic Pack" (Order no. 10792). *** Pump output in free flow. Please note that the pump output can fall sharply depending on the length and cross-sectional area of the hose. **** Please note that transport approval for all combination IBCs with plastic inner tanks for diesel is limited to a period of 5 years. After that, the inner tank must be replaced. We offer you this tank replacement service.

SKU: 10792

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