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Efficient stubble cultivation

Shallow stubble cultivation by discs with minimum soil disturbance protects natural soil structure, avoids erosion and supports biodiversity. Efficient stubble cultivation plays thus an important role for mechanical weed control and increased sustainability.
Efficient stubble cultivation

The Kverneland Qualidisc offers powerful and efficient performance at high forward speeds of 18 to 20km/h.  The strong disc section ensure good penetration, deeper cultivation and superb cutting quality in combination with simple adjustments and minimum maintenance costs.

The Kverneland Qualidisc incorporates weeds and volunteer cereal seeds into the soil with an intensive mixing to promote their germination for a more efficient subsequent treatment. The even incorporation of the straw presents a key factor for seed germination. Therefore, Kverneland has designed the Qualidisc Pro to comply with these requirements, but also to offer the farmer a versatile machine which is ready for shallow as well as for deeper cultivation.

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